100% of the profits from these A5 prints will be going to ROOT-ed ZINE. 

Based in the North West of England, ROOT-ed (Revolution of our time) was founded by Fine artists Amber Akaunu and Fauziya Johnson during their final year of university. They acted upon their recognition of the fundamental  disregard of POC creatives within university, online and in galleries. Root-ed serves as both a zine and social platform to amplify the underrepresented by granting them this public spotlight to showcase their creations, talents and ideas. The work ROOT-ed are putting in to amplify the voices of POC creatives is fundamental in the current uphill battle for the art world to move forward, and become an inclusive, diverse and decolonised space which celebrates and uplifts artists of colour. 

ROOT-ed have also announced a recent partnership with Creatives Debuts which offers a no strings attached £500 grant to a different black artist every month. 

ROOT-ed heavily relies on donations to keep their work going! Their online zines are only £2 so head over to to further show your support, recognition and appreciation of todays POC artists. The Arts has often been a battleground for social justice and together we can restore todays art scene and grant artists of colour the level playing field that has been compromised for too long. 



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